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General News Links -

Global – A great site of various current news wires - all quoting someone from Global Security, of course. It has very good source information of military matters (technology and organization), much of it cross-posted from…

The Federation of American ScientistsThe best non-partisan group on military matters. This is the best source for finding information on general military issues, as well as specific military equipment and organizations. Janes is much more in depth, with a plethora of in-depth analysis and actual battlefield reports (at least in their publications - not their web site), but this is free and all on-line! I think John Pike (the director of Global was the man who set up the military information on the pages for FAS. That's probably why he gets to cross-post it on his site, but don't quote me, that's just a guess.

Jane’s Information Group – The premier private intelligence service on the planet. Used as a source by everyone (national military and intelligence establishments included) to 'sanity check' their information on what everybody else is up to. Jane's has been business forever, being charted by the English crown to spy on the Spanish Armada, if memory serves me correctly. Hands down, the best source for all your information needs. Extremely expensive for the individual to buy, but if your library (or military educational institution) receives the periodicals you will be better informed than anyone else you meet. I cannot recommend them enough. Occasionally they will have excerpted reports (as the report on Bin Laden and the Al-Queda organization) from their periodicals at a reasonable price. Buy all of them, you won't regret it.

The Economist - Rarely one comes across a publication that is completely up front about it's biases that isn't a strictly political publication. The Economist is a publication by rich, white, Tory, Englishmen. As such, it provides a clear and objective report on world events. When you know where somebody stands, you can figure out where they sit. If you live in America, subscribe. This is the only comprehensive, widely available weekly publication that will report on world events you can get on the newsstand. Combined with some of the alternative on-line publications, Jane's, and CNN, you will have as accurate a picture of worldwide events that can be obtained without working for upper management at the CIA. Check that, probably better.

DebkaFile – Rumor, gossip, and innuendo from a great Middle East based news / intelligence service. This news service has proven correct much more often than not. I often see information here that takes several days to confirm via. other news sources. 'Mike', the 'first' U.S. casuality from hostile action in the War on Terror in Afghanistan, was reported here 2 1/2 days before anyone in the mainstream would confirm it. Watch this site, they are on top of it - but use a normal amount of skepticism - about as much you would for a "mainstream" site. - A great site covering all the bases of strategic thought and practice by all the players in the world today. Currently down and undergoing a site upgrade, keep checking back to see the new and improved site soon.

Space Imaging - Visual Information. Visible Results. - Owners of the best known private intelligence satellite. The next generation or two will give my friends in the photogrammetery business a run for their money. As it stands now, you can get good high-res pictures of many areas of interest (World Trade Center, Pentagon, Mile High Stadium construction, etc.) except our favourite, Afghanistan. Due to a controversial decision, they "decided" to make a "deal" with the Pentagon, who are now buying all their shots of Afghanistan at a nice bluk discount. Don't kid yourself, they had no choice in the matter, especially if they want to get those next generation satellites into the sky.

Sovinformsputnik - The Russian counterpart to Space Imaging. The resolution isn't as good, but if you need to get pictures of areas that, oh, say, the U.S. D.O.D. has decided to buy all the imaging of, this is the place to go.

Middle East Newswire - Exclusive news going behind the headlines - Good mid-east site. Wander a while. - Breaking Anarchist and Activist News - fun ranting from the dark side of the movement. The Red & Black deserve to speak at least.....

Useful Government Links -

Islamic Republic of Pakistan - A good governmant web site, if a bit confusing to navigate at times. Some sort of cultural barrier, I think. This is where I got the complete copy of the "Text of the speech of President General Pervez Musharraf" to the nation pledging Pakistan's support of the War on Terror. The actual speech provides the real meat of the deal he promised the Pakistani people, information that was not reported in the American media. For this reason, every time you see the leadership quoted, go here to get the complete story. Just remember, it is a government site, not a news organization!

Homepage--People's Daily Online - I really love the Chinese. This is an entertaining, old style communist propanganda sheet. Good for figuring out what is "offically" pissing off the Chinese government today. Good to read the other side of the argument in any case, if you can plod through the revolutionary platitudes.

Afghanistan Online - Not a government site, per se, but the best until a government really sets up shop. Will be required reading after the caretaker government get going in any case. Good source for basic information on the conflict, and some of that information is cross-posted and/or modified on this site as well. Check it out.

Ordinary "Mainstream" News Sources –

FoxNews - Great American right-wing news organization. "Fair and Balanced" it's not, but it is a refreshing break from the monotony of the left-wing cabal of other American news coverage.

CNN - The world leader in left-wing news coverage. Pioneered the format of 24 hours a day coverage, anywhere in the world. Watched by all intelligence organizations, government and private, worldwide for their real time news gathering needs.

MSNBC - A strange co-operative of the Microsoft organization and NBC, this provides a usually bland fare of left-wing news, along with some really good content from other producers (National Geographic is a notable example).

CBS - The current employer of NUUI's war correspondent. Seemed only fair for me to put them up here, even if they provide relatively bland left-wing pablum. After you listen to Dan a while, you'll be wanting to ask him the frequency he's on too.

News International Newspapers Ltd

The Sun Newspaper Online - Home of the page 3 girl. Good to keep up with the tabloids, you never know when someone out there is reporting another Michael Jackson, Pricilla Presley marriage.

Electronic Telegraph | Front Page || News for grown-ups.

Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
Electronic Privacy Information Center

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