Site News

Thanks for checking out NUUI, Noah's Usually Useless Information.

I've decided to create this site in order to provide myself some goal oriented writing practice, as well as an outlet for my never ending spray of vitriol.

My apologies for my lax updating of the site. I've still be writing, but do to some unavoidable personal issues, I've been unable to devote as much time to being a webmaster as I would prefer. However, without the discipline to write 500 words once a week (and posting), I'll never be able to move into a career I would prefer. So it goes.

The organization of the site is fluid, I would appreciate any and all suggestions. As the site is oriented toward text, I've kept the menu graphics to a minimum. I also hope the site loads as quickly as possible for modem and wireless users. This is not as crazy as it sounds, my apartment complex is still unable to get DSL or cable modem hookups 2 years after I have been waitlisted. There is no due date in site. I'm moving, until then, it's 31.2 for me.

The site is broken down into several basic sections:

Latest Column: Where my long-winded essays will reside. Hopefully this area will be short. My goal is to craft well reasoned, yet web-readable missives, on a semi-regular basis. Obviously much work needs to be done in this area.

News: Where you are now. Current Site News, as well as short (500 word) columns on daily or weekly topics that hit my fancy.