The Zylon Files

Imagine a that can stop a .44 Magnum - or an UZI with a 16" barrel.

Imagine it .2" thick, and under 5 pounds. Light, flexible, and thin enough to be worn constantly and completely concealably.

Imagine it also being able to stop any knife, or even an ice pick - the achilies heel of all modern body armour.

Imagine a 2.5 lb .1" thick breastplate of Titanimum armor - upgrading your protection to stop AK-47 rifle bullets with no sacrifices.


If you find such technology fantasic, yet obviously completely fictional, you are in good company. Yet it exists, today.

Yes it is expensive. Yes it takes time and effort to procure. But it is here. Take a look at the evolution of materials science.

Better living through chemistry, remember?