Goiní Gonzo in Kabul

 Kabul, Afghanistan - 13 / 2 / 02

 Maybe the hashish has begun to affect my brain, or maybe I have struck a chord with an unspeakable truth.† I realize now that I have been cavorting with dangerous men, all these months.† Sure they come across harmless, but I know they have malicious intent behind those dark, coal eyes.† I have been reduced to wearing full body armor and helmet when I sleep because of those conniving bastards.† Sure we took the women as our own, but don't they understand that's what all God fearing Americans do? They try to lull me to sleep with their jungle music, goddamn heathens.

Oh yeah, kiss me on the cheek numerous times and I'll be your bitch, I think not.† I've seen you in the Rambo movies.† I've seen what you do to the goat. I won't be your pawn against the Russians.† Any group of people that would make a pact with the French can't be trusted. And still they play their music.† Afraid to challenge the barbaric hordes, they stay here, squatters on our adopted land.

I won't sleep easy tonight. I'll take my chances in the slough along the wall.† I can't see even an Afghan wanting to be in shit up to his nose.

- Mike Brandenburg