The following information was taken from U.S. Field Manual FM 72-2, Appendix A.

A-5. ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES Examples of typical SOF organizations include joint operations task forces, ranger regiments, special operations aviation task forces, PSYOP task forces, civil affairs task forces, and special forces operational detachments "A." (FMs 100-25 and 31-20 provide more detailed information.) The basic special forces unit is the special forces operational detachment, A, or SFOD A. This type of unit conducts special operations in denied and remote areas for extended periods, with little external direction and support. The organization of an SFOD A is shown in Figure A-15. The complex structure and high experience level required enable it to develop, organize, equip, train, and advise or direct indigenous military and paramilitary organizations up to battalion size. The SFOD A is best employed as a unit. However, certain operations do not require its full capabilities. For these operations, the SFOD A may be task-organized to provide special forces teams specifically tailored to the requirements of the mission.